Hawkplay Legit or Not – A Casino Expert Review 

Hawkplay – Legit or Not?

HawkPlay Casino enjoys widespread recognition as a prominent online gambling platform in the Philippines, offering a wide array of games and ensuring a reliable betting experience.

Introducing the HawkPlay Casino website, where you’ll find the most comprehensive and professional overview of HawkPlay, one of the most popular casinos currently in existence. Despite being operational for just one year, HawkPlay has garnered a devoted following among players. The casino’s website proudly asserts its legality and commitment to player safety, providing a secure environment for members to register with confidence. Offering the world’s premier casino platform and a diverse selection of top-quality games, HawkPlay ensures an exceptional casino experience, making it an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts.


About HawkPlay Casino

Despite having less than a year of operational experience, HawkPlay has successfully enticed numerous users to join its platform, thanks to its wide range of games and diverse gameplay options.

Upon exploring the platform, you’ll quickly notice that HawkPlay Casino stands out from its competitors by offering exclusive games, including an impressive selection of six sports betting platforms and over ten online slot machine platforms. It unquestionably ranks among the platforms with the most diverse game types available today. If you’re a casino game enthusiast, HawkPlay is undoubtedly an excellent choice for you.

HawkPlay Casino collaborates with various casino gaming companies. However, it’s worth noting that the bonuses provided by HawkPlay may not be suitable for everyone.

HawkPlay Casino Games

HawkPlay offers an extensive range of casino games, catering to various preferences among players. The selection includes slot machines, bingo, live casino games, cockfighting, fishing games, sports betting, and Poker. Additionally, HawkPlay collaborates with numerous game manufacturers to provide a diverse gaming experience.

Online Slot Machines
HawkPlay boasts over ten different types of online slot machines, and to enhance user convenience, the platform has introduced a “search” feature, allowing players to swiftly locate their preferred online slot games. Notably, HawkPlay includes AE SLOT in its offerings, providing players access to an exclusive slot machine experience. It’s important to note that the platform does not provide RTP (return to player) data, preventing players from obtaining detailed information about the individual game’s winning odds.







    -AE SLOT

    -YES Bingo


    -Micro Gaming

    -KA Gaming

    Setting itself apart from other casino websites, Hawk Play Casino has introduced its own bingo games. The platform collaborates with various bingo game providers, each offering a unique style of gameplay. For instance, you can try out GO Goal Bingo, launched by JILI, or Beasty Bingo from Yes Bingo. Here are some of the bingo games available on HawkPlay:
    Heat Bingo, Bingo Carnaval, Jackpot Bingo, GO Goal Bingo, Altanatis, Open Sesame, and Money Bingo

    With this diverse selection, players can enjoy a wide range of Bingo experiences, making HawkPlay Casino a standout choice for Bingo enthusiasts.


    Live Casino
    Hawk Play Casino offers a selection of five different platforms for players to choose from, each providing access to real-life video games such as roulette, baccarat, niuniu, and sic bo. While the number of choices may be fewer compared to other Filipino casino websites, HawkPlay stands out by featuring an exclusive XTREME casino that is only available on its platform. The live casino options include:

    DREAM casino
    XTREME casino

    HawkPlay currently exclusively provides a cockfighting platform for players to enjoy. This platform is highly popular in the Southeast Asian market and caters to all your cockfighting betting needs. The cockfighting option is represented by:
    Diamond Sabong88

    Hawk Play offers a variety of fishing games, with more than six cooperative game manufacturers contributing to the selection. However, it’s important to note that the website lacks a filtering function for players to quickly find their preferred fishing games. The fishing games include titles from:
    PLAY 8

    Sports Betting
    HawkPlay’s sports betting offerings are among the most diverse in the Philippine market, providing players with a choice of up to six platforms. It is undoubtedly one of the top sports betting sites, offering a wide range of events and games. The sports betting platforms include:

    Diamond Sport
    UNITED casino

    Hawk Play has introduced numerous card games in collaboration with three game manufacturers, allowing players to enjoy over 32 different types of games. Popular games like Andar Bahar, KingmakerPoker, and Cointoss are available to play. The poker options encompass:

    King Maker
    Micro casino
    With its diverse range of gaming options, Hawk Play Casino offers an extensive and exciting online casino experience for players.


    HawkPlay Bonus Offerings

    HawkPlay Casino provides a limited selection of bonuses for players to choose from, and it’s worth noting that the rewards offered may not be particularly generous. If bonuses are a crucial consideration for you, it’s advisable to carefully evaluate these options:

    Free Registration Bonus
    Upon registering as a Hawk Play member for the first time, players can claim a free registration bonus. All players are eligible to receive 23P, but if they make a deposit of 100,000 or more, they will receive an additional 2000 bonus.

    Gift Bonus
    Platform members have the opportunity to receive Christmas rewards. Players can earn an additional percentage-based bonus as long as they reach a specified betting amount, with the maximum bonus amounting to 5%. However, there is a turnover requirement of 10 times before players can fully access this bonus.

    Revenge Bonus
    Hawk Play offers a revenge bonus to players who experience losses above a certain threshold. Players can receive a bonus of up to 5% based on their losses. The calculation method for this bonus is “your loss amount x 5.0%,” which determines the exact amount of your revenge bonus.

    While Hawk Play Casino provides a limited number of bonuses, it’s essential to consider your bonus preferences and requirements before engaging in gameplay on the platform.

    HawkPlay Customer Support

    Hawk Play Casino offers a single customer support method, which is the Live Chat feature available on the website. However, it’s worth noting that the platform does not provide alternative contact options like Facebook or Telegram, which can be a source of inconvenience for players seeking assistance. Additionally, some users have reported that the response speed of the Live Chat feature is not particularly prompt.

    Furthermore, feedback from players indicates that when they do reach out to the platform’s customer support, the response time can be slow, and the level of attentiveness from customer service personnel may not meet their expectations. This subpar level of service has led to concerns about the professionalism of the customer support provided by HawkPlay.

    For a platform that offers a wide variety of games, ensuring professional and responsive customer service is crucial to providing a well-rounded and satisfying gaming experience for its users.

    Why choose HawkPlay?

    The special introduction of the HawkPlay casino website today is driven by its impressive array of game options. In comparison to other gambling platforms, HawkPlay has forged partnerships with numerous game developers, resulting in a diverse and extensive selection of games for players to enjoy. When examining the range of game types available on the platform and comparing them to other offerings, it becomes apparent that HawkPlay allows you to indulge in virtually any game you desire.

    If you are an avid casino player who primarily seeks a wide variety of games, Hawk Play may be an excellent choice for you. However, it’s important to note that if you’re a newcomer to online gambling and value assistance and promotional incentives, this platform may not be the most suitable option for you. Before deciding to play, conducting a thorough review and understanding your preferred play style is advisable.

    In essence, HawkPlay Casino stands out for its extensive game selection, making it an attractive choice for players who prioritize diverse gaming experiences. However, individuals seeking more robust customer support or generous bonuses may want to explore alternative platforms that better align with their preferences.



    HawkPlay Casino offers a wide variety of games and collaborates with numerous game platforms, providing players with a vast selection of gaming options. However, there are notable drawbacks, including a limited number of bonuses, which can be particularly scarce when there are no special events like Christmas. The platform lacks invitation offers and does not provide bonuses for slot machines.

    The customer service on the platform is reported to be subpar, with players experiencing difficulties in seeking assistance. Additionally, the platform only accepts deposits through Gcash, which may limit accessibility for some users. As a result, it’s advisable that individuals who are not seasoned or professional gamers carefully consider whether HawkPlay Casino is the right choice for their gaming preferences and needs.


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